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Missional Church Discussion

Zion Lutheran Church has joined with another congregation of Springfield Township, St John Petersburg and  in exploring our common ministry together. We are praying and working with strategic planning model listening for the direction that God has already been at work in our community and  congregation and now calls us to partner with God as part of our mission. This process calls for us to use data as well as the prayer of discernment to discover places that we find hope, places of God's love, and places that God is already present. Presently we are offering a common youth ministry under pastor Erin's leadership.

What Does a faith community that forms people in disciples and apostles of Jesus look like?
We at Zion congregation still struggle with this question as we we seek faith practices that assist us in becoming disciples (learners of the Jesus way) and those who willingly share their faith  story with others as we have come to see and experience our growing relationship with God.

Join us on the Journey to God
Zion as it works through the process to become a Missional Church is developing an emphasis that focuses on inviting people into a relationship with God in Jesus. We are trying to create language to describe what it means to be a person on  the journey to God with others using a Lutheran Christian perspective. We want to emphasize our experiences in God. We have created a document called "Zion Lutheran's Journey".  

 Pastor Larry has created this page to create a larger conversation among people who wish to explore what it means to be a person of faith. We want to invite people who are spiritual seekers, those who may be believers in Jesus or those who belong to  a faith tradition or actively participate in a congregation into an ongoing conversation online at our blog called: "Faith Questions and Issues  for Seekers, Believers, Belongers"                                          
To assist in stimulating an online conversation we hope to provide a number of resources, ideas, books, and even questions. If you can think of another way to create a conversation, please let me know at or sign in and post it on our blog. We are looking for ways to increase the conversation about spiritual issues, questions regarding what does it mean to believe, and how can we strengthen belongers of existing faith traditions and congregations as disciples.

​Faith Questions for Seekers, Believers and Belongers