As Faith Communities we will use this model to shape our disciple-forming congregation in these four movements shown below. As we reflect on these four movements we hope deepen our commitment to Jesus as Lord. This model will not only be used to drive and direct our faith community but all future clusters we will create outside our Sunday morning experience. Our goal will be to encourage all of our members to become a part of a cluster that also reflects these four movements.

Zion Lutheran Church is a Disciple-forming      Congregation and Community of Memory

A Community of Memory uses beliefs, rituals, or symbols that are taken from  a wider system of meaning of the people who have had a relationship with God going back through the Older Testament. A Community of Memory attempts to tell the stories and enact rituals for a whole new generation of people coming into a relationship with God for the first time.
A Disciple-forming Congregation wants to make people into disciples of God in Jesus Christ by:

1.Deepeningwhich is growing in relationship with Jesus Christ through personal and corporate spiritual disciplines.

2.Equipping which is growing in giftedness using experiences that encourage people to claim and develop their gifts, discern God's call to them, and acquire the knowledge and skill needed to live out that call faithfully and effectively.

3.Ministering which is growing in service which is using experiences that provide opportunities for people to live out their call and through that both deepen their relationship with Christ and become more effectively equipped to live as Christ's disciples.